Active Child – Curtis Lane


Active Child is polarizing in that you either love his falsetto, or can’t stand it. I, for one, think it’s fantastic and being a fan of How to Dress Well this is hardly surprising; similarly, fans of the aforementioned should like Active Child. That being said, it’s a lot less melancholic and a lot more avant-garde, dream poppy. It is also one of the few cases where I think using the avant-garde tag isn’t completely inappropriate and obnoxious. I’ve only listened to his Curtis Lane EP so far, and it has made me want to get more of his stuff; but for now,

Download: Active Child – Curtis Lane

R E A L M A G I C – R E A L M A G I C

R E A L M A G I C, currently signed to Heart Music Group, is a young man whose June release this year is the only thing known about him. Although, I think this is more due to his being actually unknown rather than an enigma.  However, this is all completely irrelevant to his music, which is best described as a blend of spaced out shoegaze with elements of chillwave. There is a slight whiff of hipster, but it is good, check it out!

Download: R E A L M A G I C – R E A L M A G I C