Cradle Orchestra – Velvet Ballads

More Jazz Hop, a lot more piano than your usual, but very, very catchy. Also features C.L. Smooth, The Roots, Dilated Peoples, Othello and some other names. Notable tracks: So Fresh, Cheers, All I want In This World.

Download: Cradle Orchestra – Velvet Ballads

Pase Rock – Bullshit As Usual

Apologies for the really small image, google images is acting up. Pase Rock is a ‘one cool MF’ who sports a really, really sick flow, over very smooth, fast-paced, jazzy beats. The album is aptly titled, as it really just sounds as this MC is dealing with all the bullshit as usual and not giving a fuck.

Download: Pase Rock – Bullshit As Usual