Active Child – Curtis Lane


Active Child is polarizing in that you either love his falsetto, or can’t stand it. I, for one, think it’s fantastic and being a fan of How to Dress Well this is hardly surprising; similarly, fans of the aforementioned should like Active Child. That being said, it’s a lot less melancholic and a lot more avant-garde, dream poppy. It is also one of the few cases where I think using the avant-garde tag isn’t completely inappropriate and obnoxious. I’ve only listened to his Curtis Lane EP so far, and it has made me want to get more of his stuff; but for now,

Download: Active Child – Curtis Lane

Work Drugs – Work Drugs

Urgh, so I’ve been in a slump lately, unable to find much post-worthy music, pun intended. So, I thought I would dig something up that I found a few months ago, more chillwave, for better or for the worse of this blog.

Work Drugs, although sharing a track title with Xxyyxx whom I posted about a while back, is seemingly unrelated. It’s nothing especially mind blowing, but with track titles such as ‘Rad Racer’ I am not about to say it’s bad. Their sound is pretty standard chillwave with more vocals than the norm of the genre, adding a soft pop element to it. Overall, it’s a really nice, relaxed listen and I definitely would give it a go.

Notable tracks: Rad Racer, Ice Wharf

Download: Work Drugs – Work Drugs

Birkwin Jersey – Time Doesn’t Exist, Clocks Do

I swear I’m not exclusively a chillwave guy, however, this LP is absolutely amazing. A word to describe the layering of the tracks would be delicate, and his sound at times is quite similar to The Books, but with more structure. A complex mix of strings, folk samples, light drums and modern synths make for a contemplative listening.

Notable tracks: Sixes & Nines, Goats Get Lost, He Quipped, Early Morning Bassenthwaite

It was actually offered for free download, as the mediafire link provided by bandcamp proves.

Download: Birkwin Jersey – Time Doesn’t Exist, Clocks Do

Xxyyxx – Still Sound

As much as the accompanying pretentiousness of the tag ‘Chillwave’ pains me I admit that I do enjoy the genre from time to time. Xxyyxx is a 15 year old from Orlando and he makes some really ‘chill’ stuff, lo-fi meets echoic tinkles and catchy, Star Slinger-esque beats. You will probably also notice the heavy influence of Washed Out as evidenced by his entry. However, it is good and I do implore you to listen.

Download: Xxyyxx – Still Sound