Cradle Orchestra – Velvet Ballads

More Jazz Hop, a lot more piano than your usual, but very, very catchy. Also features C.L. Smooth, The Roots, Dilated Peoples, Othello and some other names. Notable tracks: So Fresh, Cheers, All I want In This World.

Download: Cradle Orchestra – Velvet Ballads

Work Drugs – Work Drugs

Urgh, so I’ve been in a slump lately, unable to find much post-worthy music, pun intended. So, I thought I would dig something up that I found a few months ago, more chillwave, for better or for the worse of this blog.

Work Drugs, although sharing a track title with Xxyyxx whom I posted about a while back, is seemingly unrelated. It’s nothing especially mind blowing, but with track titles such as ‘Rad Racer’ I am not about to say it’s bad. Their sound is pretty standard chillwave with more vocals than the norm of the genre, adding a soft pop element to it. Overall, it’s a really nice, relaxed listen and I definitely would give it a go.

Notable tracks: Rad Racer, Ice Wharf

Download: Work Drugs – Work Drugs