Point Blank – Drafts

In a decidedly weird combination of Denmark and jazz-hop, Point Blank is one of the many that take the mantle of its overused moniker. It’s a lot less beat-defined than other jazz-hop such as Nujabes or Cradle Orchestra, instead opting for a more soulful, jazzy sound, with slow trumpets and soft drums. It’s pretty cool, and up for free download, check it out!

Download: Point Blank – Drafts

Work Drugs – Work Drugs

Urgh, so I’ve been in a slump lately, unable to find much post-worthy music, pun intended. So, I thought I would dig something up that I found a few months ago, more chillwave, for better or for the worse of this blog.

Work Drugs, although sharing a track title with Xxyyxx whom I posted about a while back, is seemingly unrelated. It’s nothing especially mind blowing, but with track titles such as ‘Rad Racer’ I am not about to say it’s bad. Their sound is pretty standard chillwave with more vocals than the norm of the genre, adding a soft pop element to it. Overall, it’s a really nice, relaxed listen and I definitely would give it a go.

Notable tracks: Rad Racer, Ice Wharf

Download: Work Drugs – Work Drugs

Ladder Devils – Forget English

Ladder Devils’ Forget English EP pretty much receives a four star rating for every track on it, that is to say, it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s a blend of noise, post-hardcore, and according to last.fm ‘like being teabagged by godzilla’. I don’t know how accurate the former two tags are, but I can definitely attest to the latter being true. Their sound is heavy, energetic, catchy and somewhat cacophonous at times, which only adds to the fun.

It’s up for free download on their bandcamp here: Ladder Devils – Forget English

Young Circles – Jungle Habits

Yeah, so it’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything, this is because I haven’t really found anything that good. However, today I stumbled upon Young Circles, and they’re goooooooooooooooood. Their sound is layered synths, vocals, percussion and the odd riff. Speaking of the vocals, they’re very catchy and up tempo in their own way, a very energetic listen and great fun.

It’s up for free download here: Young Circles – Jungle Habits

Nujabes – Selected Tracks

Nujabes has basically defined jazz-hop for me, his sound is inimitable, and his beats, flows, and samples are suitable for almost any mood. However, for those of you who don’t know, Nujabes (Seba Jun) passed away during 2010, last year. I have compiled a 19 track selection off of Modal Soul, Metaphorical Music, Hydeout Productions, and a sampling of his Ristorante Mixtapes in an inadequate attempt to pay homage to him. If you enjoy it I highly suggest you buy an album or two!

Download: Nujabes – Selected Tracks