Cradle Orchestra – Velvet Ballads

More Jazz Hop, a lot more piano than your usual, but very, very catchy. Also features C.L. Smooth, The Roots, Dilated Peoples, Othello and some other names. Notable tracks: So Fresh, Cheers, All I want In This World.

Download: Cradle Orchestra – Velvet Ballads

Oddisee – Mental Liberation

Oddisee is a producer who’s worked with Black Milk, and to be honest that’s the only name I recognize from his undoubtedly impressive repertoire of associated artists. Nonetheless, his beats are certainly cool, with a lot of soul (both meanings of the word), and a true underground feel. Mental Liberation is a 2009 release with a collection of tracks that he has collaborated and produced on. It has some really cool tracks such as ‘Let the Music’, ‘Q&A’, and ‘Rhymes Get Written’. Check it out!

Download: Oddisee – Mental Liberation

K-Nine – Best Kept Secret

One criminally under-listened to MC, THIRTY FIVE LISTENERS, it’s a DAMN shame because it is a solid, solid rap album. It has a very back to the classics / oldschool feeling and the level of production is astoundingly high for someone who I assume is unsigned. The rapping is slow paced and very straightforward, but it should definitely not be disappointing someone looking to listen to some solid hip hop. Don’t go in looking for anything groundbreaking, however!

Up for free download on his bandcamp here: K- Nine – Best Kept Secret

Pase Rock – Bullshit As Usual

Apologies for the really small image, google images is acting up. Pase Rock is a ‘one cool MF’ who sports a really, really sick flow, over very smooth, fast-paced, jazzy beats. The album is aptly titled, as it really just sounds as this MC is dealing with all the bullshit as usual and not giving a fuck.

Download: Pase Rock – Bullshit As Usual

Point Blank – Drafts

In a decidedly weird combination of Denmark and jazz-hop, Point Blank is one of the many that take the mantle of its overused moniker. It’s a lot less beat-defined than other jazz-hop such as Nujabes or Cradle Orchestra, instead opting for a more soulful, jazzy sound, with slow trumpets and soft drums. It’s pretty cool, and up for free download, check it out!

Download: Point Blank – Drafts

Work Drugs – Work Drugs

Urgh, so I’ve been in a slump lately, unable to find much post-worthy music, pun intended. So, I thought I would dig something up that I found a few months ago, more chillwave, for better or for the worse of this blog.

Work Drugs, although sharing a track title with Xxyyxx whom I posted about a while back, is seemingly unrelated. It’s nothing especially mind blowing, but with track titles such as ‘Rad Racer’ I am not about to say it’s bad. Their sound is pretty standard chillwave with more vocals than the norm of the genre, adding a soft pop element to it. Overall, it’s a really nice, relaxed listen and I definitely would give it a go.

Notable tracks: Rad Racer, Ice Wharf

Download: Work Drugs – Work Drugs